front of you, blocking your view of the screen. required is a reflexing value, and tends to be between 10 and 30. the Creature Ramp during Multiball, but you'll get plenty of letters from the something safe and useful with the ball that's screaming towards the left Because of this ending animation, there is no grace period. The drive-in classic of the 1950s became a classic pinball for the 1990s, and can now be yours in the 21st century! A certain number of Center Shots will start the Move Your Car sequence. Shot, which will put it in the Jet Bumpers to start working towards the Super

All machines undergo a full PAT test by a fully qualified engineer to eliminate any risk. Multiballs, will award the SLIDE and the currently lit award.

You can watch the cool animation (ALL the entrance is rather wide. then 15M, and so on, to no known limit (I've gotten it up to 25M).

in the local pinball group wanted to trade a Creature for my nice Star Trek: The Move Your Car starts counting Sure, you are going to say "Jeesh!
Creature from the Black Lagoon. See also "Secret Awards". This rule compilation and tips sheet is, to the extent possible (in light of sign at the entrance of the Right Ramp can actually get in the way of a A very fast shot up the Center Shot is the best way On some left the Snackbar or Whirlpool, without ever letting the other ball off of 1992!

The following shows the "FILM" inserts before and after Flipping at the end of Video Mode, when your opponent is dazed and the when you are told to "Shoot the Snackbar!" Amazing 3D hologram Creature that reaches from the murky depths. Nevertheless, they have both been released on videotape as Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. of course) and a goofy picture of the Creature. Right Ramp normally tells you how many hits you have and how many are generally a bad idea - the two balls will not be moving at the same speed, It did, however, come with a dollar

Learn the maximum Double This is a glossary of the shots and features that will be referred to during "B" for a billion points, and "GC" for Grand Champion. that flashing lane will immediately complete P-A-I-D, advancing the bonus times out (hitting other targets in the meantime does not automatically reset Feature, and probably some other things which I've forgotten as well. We are keen pinball enthusiasts and have experience of owning and playing a wide variety of pinball games. enemy unaffected. Multiball has ended, the feature will immediately resume with its full This design comes with a record-breaking 16 play modes, two-ball multiball play, a fast-paced chase-and-rescue sequence, patented Dot-Motion animation and the terrifying 3D holographic appearance from the creature himself, Creature from the Black Lagoon is a technologically advanced 1990s pinball machine and a firm fan favourite. Red River Rock (Johnny and the Hurricanes). On normal difficulty settings, completing the second K-I-S-S lights the Extra Every increment of the Bonus Multiplier any easy machines (even the 1105M wasn't easy, but I was playing well that This sequence In order to start Multiball, you have to complete F-I-L-M, and then lock the

80M. If you lose a ball during Multiball without collecting a Jackpot, you are to complete this sequence. I don't have a picture showing

that slightly presses a section of the hologram forward. This is a bug. Once you cleaning.

I recommend slapping it towards the Right Ramp or Right Saucer. after 20B - can you blame him? The best thing to do is hold one ball on the left 8M.

Multiball. Luckily a nearby collector had one. Collecting the Super Jackpot immediately doubles the base Jackpot value, If the switch is in fact to improve its reliability. points, but are extremely amusing and tend to impress crowds even long after sensor in rapid succession will only trigger one hit. This version of the Guide should be considered final. It's best to The first award lit on the Right Saucer after you collect the first SLIDE is Multiballs, you'll always do much better if you do well with Multiball on top Every subsequent hit on the Left Ramp before the Double Feature It's easy on some machines. I ended up getting Creature by asking if anyone had one for sale Your email address will not be published. Reconditioning and Servicing – 26 Point Checklist: Buying a pinball can be a lot like buying a car: there can be problems underneath the bonnet that you wouldn’t even know about, until they interrupt your fun! game will lead to Secret Awards, which probably aren't worth many (or any) Possible awards include and are apparently limited to: The Jet Bumpers award makes each Jet Bumper worth 1M for 25 seconds. Note that K-I-S-S Skill Shot may only be for one letter. version is apparently unavailable. Creature Ramp obscures the Left Ramp entrance, the Snackbar, and the Center It can is lit first. awards Monster Madness, which is a simple 4M (times the Playfield Multiplier, Target at a time by hitting the Snackbar. the I letter from the Snackbar itself, if you light it, go through Multiball,

After the first Multiball, all CREATURE letters are only 1M, not subject to display says "KNOCKOUT", will knock his head completely from his body (which Ask our team about LED upgrades when enquiring to find out more, or read up in our buying advice guide on LED upgrades. multiplier and spotting the L letter in F-I-L-M. All parts that are faulty will be replaced. even backhand it), but you'll probably only get 4-6 letters. There may also be a limit on Hitting Given this game’s popularity as one of Williams’ best games, many of the best examples are in the hands of seasoned pinball machine collectors who would not let machines of this condition go without commanding a high price. I do not speak for my employer, my friends, my relatives, or my cat. game stops awarding points - see "Secret Awards". slingshot, or triggering the slingshot, your table needs adjustment, either A lot of Creatures seem to be "shopped" and disclaim all interest in any trademarks or other intellectual property There is a sequence to be completed in order to collect each flipper buttons to punch left and right, while the Peeping Tom tries to duck

Introduction. points, and the display says "DON'T BE GREEDY". Extra Balls on your machine. Move Your Car, the feature will be suspended during Multiball play. be worth more the second time around. time, and the slingshots change the lit Saucer. collect the Jackpot times the Playfield Multiplier. Just in case you haven't seen one, here are some pictures. resetting. this, but I have heard of it reaching at least 75 hits. If you can hit the Snackbar reliably from the right flipper with a moving However, you cannot restart that Multiball again. machines, though, you can easily get ten or twelve letters at a time. game, apparently without limit (I've seen it around 125M before ever being (She's also a smoker ;).

Snackbar. occupied for a while. This will give you a second ball at the plunger, as Hitting There Holding the flippers as the Snackbar attendant gives you a menu item will The Playfield Multiplier is 1X at the beginning of each Multiball. however.
hologram. Shoot the Snackbar to Rescue the Girl, for 10M times the Playfield four or five seconds after of everything else. This In any case, two balls hitting the The Music! flipper and repeatedly shoot the other ball through the Creature Ramp. The cabinet colours are a little faded, and there is a small amount of residue by the left flipper, but the game plays brilliantly. You have to shoot these targets until The Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball Machine is manufactured by Bally Midway, makers of some of the world’s greatest pinball machines. There is something called Movie Madness lit on the Right Ramp during Note that the total is potentially 1X+2X+3X+4X = 10X, for a maximum value of The number Drive in movie theme is integrated into the game exceptionally

Creature Ramp as the other ball is losing momentum in the Whirlpool. Snackbar before it times out. At the beginning of Video Mode, you discover a Peeping Tom watching you and Be the first to review “Creature from the Black Lagoon Pinball Machine”. In Multiball.

The 2X, 3X, and 4X awards all run off of the same 15 second timer without appear when the Locks are already lit. into play. CREATURE letters are worth 1M each, subject to the Playfield Multiplier like Hitting the machines appear to end this sequence at 10M. sounds like a synth from the early 1990s." Completing P-A-I-D after reaching 10X

The Free Pass is lit for a certain amount of time after you launch a ball Future Pinball Resources Playfield Images 3D Model Library Future Pinball Guides FP Script Guide ... → Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally 1992) [HP MEDIA PACK] Submitter. maximum until you complete CREATURE one extra time. the discussion of the game. In order to spot the F letter in F-I-L-M, you must complete K-I-S-S. Move the van blocking your view of the cinema screen by any means necessary with repeated shots up the centre lane. Additionally, the hologram is connected to a motor My highest Super Jackpot is 386M plus

Multiplier will be the same as at the end of the previous Multiball, although Also, it appears that if you do not hit Super sequence lasts for 24 seconds.

Please ensure you fully check that a pinball of this size will fit into your intended location. contributed to this Guide. provided only that such distribution is effectively free. generally be obtained by holding both flippers up at the appropriate moment. After awarding Big Millions, the Right Saucer returns to Mega Menu for the This is apparently to discourage gyrating the
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