From June 1941 to the final battle of Berlin in April 1945 the conflict between the Nazis and red army cost the lives of 35 million people. He leaves viewers in no uncertainty regarding the content to come. Rolf Steiner (James Coburn) is a well-respected member of the German military and a recipient of the Iron Cross, Germany's highest military honor. German commander Captain Hauptmann Stransky (Maximilian Schell) places a squad in extreme danger after Sergeant Rolf Steiner (James Coburn) refuses to lie for him.

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The voice is that of. Cross of Iron (German: Steiner – Das Eiserne Kreuz, lit. At the time, the movie had run out of money, so Director. drama, | Rotten (4). Meanwhile, young Dietz, left to guard the rest of the women alone, is distracted and killed as well. In actual fact, the USSR just certainly participated in the most awful war of all time. [2], Filming, which began on March 29, 1976,[2] was shot on location at Trieste in Italy and Yugoslavia. In the plot’s final cycle Stransky arranges for Steiner’s platoon to be wiped out, but Steiner survives and returns to confront him in the midst of a major Russian offensive. And Germany was against all.

It is worn on the left arm only. Brandt questions Steiner in the hope that he will expose Stransky's lies, but Steiner only states that he hates all officers, even those as "enlightened" as Brandt and Kiesel, and requests a few days to ponder his answer. Rapid Film, May 9, 2005 They return to base to meet a new dogmatic commander , a traditional Prussian captain named Stranski (Maximilian Schell) who wishes only one thing , an Iron Cross to maintain his family honor . The film had some fine editing and slow motion shots, good underscore, and a solid script.

It was made by Anglo-American director Andrew McLaglen who, like Peckinpah, was known for Westerns. A Russian child soldier shoots Stransky’s helmet off. The impressive multinational cast suffers from the necessity of putting English-speaking stars in the main roles.

Peckinpah is a nut. The movie opens with a German children's song, "Hänschen klein", mixed with black-and-white footage of prewar and war scenes. Unfortunately it is the common 132 minutes version.

", Peckinpah's intense, chilling masterpiece.

Written by Julius J. Epstein, James Hamilton, Willi Heinrich and Walter Kelley.

The film centers around Sergent Steiner, a battle weary veteran who leads his company into battle everyday for the past three years. Easily one of the grittiest, dirtiest, dingiest, most insane war movies I've ever encountered. None have given this remarkable film any justice.

One of Peckinpah's best.

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Cinemark "A Muddled 'Cross of Iron'". | Rating: 3/5, March 10, 2003 image of the enemy (especially of the shattered one) is likely to be demonised, and since the war was the most monstrous one, the demonisation was likely to reach the unparalleled extent. According to Vadim Glowna, Sam Peckinpah emptied four whole Bottles of Whiskey or Wodka during every entire day of shooting while only sleeping approximately only 3 or 4 hours per Night.
An aristocratic Prussian officer, Captain Stransky, arrives as the new commander of Steiner's infantry battalion, which is stationed in the Kuban bridgehead on the Taman Peninsula. Verified Purchase. This was Peckinpah's last important work and his only war movie. Brandt then rallies the fleeing troops for a counterattack.
Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Just after the last scene shooting, every crew member went away with his own luggage to take his train or plane home. I even wonder why so many people still believe that was really a holy violence and a fair trial. | Fresh (12) However, doing this would prevent the use of the drum magazines. There's the brotherly love the men share without being 'gay' as well as their conflicted attitude toward women, at once desiring, worshiping & fearing them. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. The Nazi commando turns out to be a rag-tag , oddball and motley gang (a largely cast formed by Klaus Lowitsch, among others) , under command Sergeant Steiner . It is one of director Sam Peckinpah's two finest works -- the other being The Wild Bunch. This created delays on location because local services and film crews demanded payment before commencing work.

Although dozens of rifles, submachine guns, and machine guns are fired during the movie, in only one instance are spent cartridge cases shown to be ejecting during firing (this occurs near the end of the film, as Sgt Steiner is firing a captured Russian submachine gun at Lieutenant Treibig). As a war film Cross of Iron is authentic, violent, visceral and exciting. Cross Of Iron is a masterpiece, one of the greatest anti-war, anti-authoritarian movies.
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