Far from a traditional horror film, Cult of Chucky ends on a much different note. Including revenues from sales of videos, DVDs, VOD and merchandise, the franchise has generated over $250 million. Set in Chicago, a serial killer and voodoo practitioner named Charles Lee Ray, or "Chucky" is mortally wounded after being shot in the chest by an officer and transfers his soul via a voodoo ritual into a child-sized doll.

Director Don Mancini is not happy with those who leaked Cult of Chucky online but promises the studio's lawyers are on their way. Charles Lee Ray's former girlfriend and his accomplice, Tiffany, acquires Chucky's remains, stitches them together and via a voodoo ritual revives Charles Lee Ray, albeit in a much different form. Curse of Chucky has also received its own scarezone in the 2013 lineup. Even though the movie isn't going to be a major release for the studio, there is a lot of excitement surrounding it from horror fans. I have all kinds of different ideas. The production team includes special-effects guru and associate producer Tony Gardner, director of photography Michael Marshall, production designer Craig Sandells, and costume designer Patricia J. Henderson.

", Mancini added, "There are all kinds of possibilities, and that's one of the things I want to do at the end of this movie, was in a completely, new, surprising way, so that the viewer could say 'Wow, where is this going to go now? After Chucky's head was shot off by Andy, it is somehow still alive, as Andy tortures it with a flamethrower. Cult of Chucky is written and directed by Don Mancini, who co-wrote the original film and both wrote and directed the last two movies in the series — 2004’s Seed of Chucky and 2013’s Curse of Chucky. Mancini promises that Universal is aware of who they are and, more importantly, the studio's lawyers know. Entertainment Tonight/TV Guide Network. [4] In February 2018, a Child's Play television series was announced in the works, to be intended as a continuation of the film's story arc. With the movie leaking early, that is sure to cut into those profits. Mancini: Yeah, I rewrote that scene over and over and over again in pre-production. The seventh installment to the series, titled Cult of Chucky, was released on October 3, 2017.[2]. So we turned it into a comedy, which in retrospect was really the best thing we could've done, because I think that set a precedent for us to be the horror franchise that was willing to be fluid. The films mainly focus on Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif in the original films and Mark Hamill in the reboot), a notorious serial killer who frequently escapes death by performing a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into a "Good Guys" doll. In the end, the Tiffany doll gives birth to a new form of life (Glen/Glenda) as it flies out of a now-dead Tiffany and attacks a detective. Nica survives, but is institutionalized, and blamed for the murders. Joseph LoDuca composed the score for Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky. Chucky is driven by revenge, as Sarah was the one who called the police on him while he was still human, leading to his original death in the first film by detective Mike Norris and responsible for Nica's disability. The following crimes have been associated with the Child's Play films: In December 1992, four people who tortured and killed 16-year-old Suzanne Capper were said to be influenced by one of the Child's Play films. This movie sees the killer doll return to continue terrorizing his wheelchair-prone human victim, Nica.

I like injecting gay identity into my franchise. And I was like, "I'm telling you, this is the biggest laugh in the movie!" All rights reserved. The next day, Andy skips school with Chucky to find Chucky's old partner who abandoned him a few nights back, Eddie Caputo. But I realized, I mean, Chucky is a funny character, and there's a huge opportunity for an explosion of fun with this scene. Chucky makes his sinister presence known to her and kills her. As the films progressed, they became satirical and campy, until the series briefly became a horror comedy, with 1998's Bride of Chucky and 2004's Seed of Chucky.

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