Meanwhile, Tara's sister Vicky hears the news about the clown on the radio as she is driving to pick up Tara and Dawn.Tara reenters the building from the parking lot, where Art is still looking for her, and looks for another exit to the building. Art beats the man with a gasoline tank and crushes his head, then begins to strangle Vicky, who manages to stab him in the eye and finally escape the building and hide in a nearby shed after nearly being recaptured. • A year later, it is revealed that Vicky is the interviewee from the televised interview during the film's opening. How Did Tara and Enid Die on The Walking Dead? Tara awakens in a basement, where she has been tied to a chair and restrained from speaking or moving her legs with duct tape. The officers discover that Vicky is still alive.All of the corpses are brought into a coroner's office, including Art's. Monica sees clothes rustling on a rack and checks for the source of the disturbance, whereupon she is attacked by the mutilated interviewee, who gouges out her eyes and laughs, leaving Monica to die in her own blood.Two young women, Tara and Dawn, are walking down a sidewalk to their car after an evening of partying. Vicky hides in a metal wardrobe, and Art spots her but leaves when he hears Will the exterminator a few rooms over. As Art finishes killing Dawn, Tara manages to break her restraints and stab Art in the back, allowing her to escape. An employee at the pizzeria finally finishes cleaning the urine and feces from the bathroom and discovers his manager's severed head; the eyes and nose have been removed and replaced with candle stubs.

Art impersonates Dawn via text and tells Vicky to come around the back, then proceeds to take a selfie with Dawn's mutilated corpse. The employee runs for his life but discovers that he is locked inside. Tara suggests that the clown may have slashed their tires.

Your IP: How The Walking Dead Put a Fatal New Spin on a Devastating Moment From the Comics.

Art, wearing the woman's scalp and chest skin, springs to life and pursues Vicky as she tries desperately to escape. Lilly Chambler is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. While the two look away, Art vanishes.When Tara and Dawn make it to a pizza restaurant, Tara shuffles through photos, but her phone dies. He reaches for a phone, but Art chops his hand in half using a meat cleaver before stabbing him in the cheek. After the friends leave, the clown brutally murders all of the employees in the restaurant.

Disgusted but resolute, Tara urinates.

A friendly exterminator named Mike who's working in a nearby building lets Tara inside to use the urinal and reveals that the building is infested with rats. When Tara's sister goes looking for her, he chases her, too, nearly suffocating her with a plastic bag and striking her with a whip, and additionally killing the two exterminators in the building. Tara is spooked by him, but Dawn accosts him and asks to take selfies with him, which he allows. I'm Julie Ann, and this blog is about adventures with my two favorite things: cats and horror! If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. The movie opens as a television hostess named Monica is interviewing a woman whom she identifies as the sole survivor of the Miles County Massacre, an event during which the interviewee was brutally mutilated and placed in a coma. He proceeds to stab the man in the face numerous times and leaves his mutilated corpse on the floor.Tara and Dawn continue to argue about whether the clown was dangerous, and Tara says she has to urinate.

She tries to reason with him for her "child" and embraces him in a motherly hug; he does not harm her.

Meanwhile, Vicky arrives and texts Dawn, asking for their location. Tara phones her sister, Victoria (Samantha Scaffidi), for a pick-up, and then goes into a creepy nearby building to use the restroom. Art takes a coin off a table and buys a toy ring for Tara from a vending machine. When Dawn and Tara get back to their car, they find the tires slashed. Mike's friend Will arrives but is unable to reach Mike. With Jenna Kanell, Samantha Scaffidi, David Howard Thornton, Catherine Corcoran. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access.

Tara suggests that the clown may have slashed their tires.

She grabs a scalpel, presumably dropped by Art during the attack, and stabs him with it before finally escaping. Terrifier is a 2017 Slasher Movie directed by Damien Leone, based on his short film of the same name that was featured in his 2013 effort, All Hallows' Eve.. Eventually Dawn, Tara, Victoria, Exterminator 1 & 2, and baby doll lady are locked in this building and victims of Art the Clown. She distracts him by throwing a tiny metal turning that makes a sound far away from her. Art finds Vicky and strikes her with a crude whip. Let me tell you something...clowns are not my cup of tea. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e433c1fed62e7a8 Realizing that she left "Emily" downstairs, the woman runs off in search of her.

There's one kill that's pretty brutal, and I've seen it written about as "misogynistic", but I think Art does it because he's a deranged psycho. She grabs a sharp slab of metal to defend herself as Art begins looking for her. He proceeds to expel Art from the building for smearing his feces and urine on the bathrooms.Tara and Dawn find the tire to their car has been slashed, and they call Tara's sister, who agrees to pick them up. Both having drunk excessively, Tara and Dawn opt to get food to help them achieve sobriety before attempting to drive home. He knocks Victoria unconscious and eats her face before shooting himself to avoid arrest, only to come back to life and kill the coroner shortly after. Dawn pretends to flirt with him, against Tara's admonitions. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The police arrive as Art drives a truck through the shed and collides with Vicky. She strikes him in the face and attempts to flee, but he catches her and begins to strangle her and try to gouge her eyes.
An employee at the pizzeria finally finishes cleaning the urine and feces from the bathroom and discovers his manager's severed head; the eyes and nose have been removed and replaced with candle stubs. She spots a nail and stabs him in the foot with it, then runs. Dawn hears a scream and enters a basement area to search for Tara, but she instead finds the crazy woman, who has been scalped and had her chest flayed.

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Meanwhile, the crazy woman finds Mike the exterminator to try to warn him, but he doesn't believe her and leaves.

Art saws Dawn in half as Tara screams in protest.
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