April Leonard is played by Janice Byrne, and is Connor Temple's (Andrew-Lee Potts) assistant following her appointment by Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig). Cutter attempted to sacrifice himself but Stephen punched his mentor and entered the chamber, sealing it from the inside. [2], He is infected by a prehistoric parasite which makes him more aggressive, photophobic, and he attempts to pass on the parasite. Fortunately, Matt Anderson (Ciarán McMenamin), Jenny, Abby, Connor and Emily Merchant (Ruth Bradley) take care of the creatures, and Lester marries Jenny and her fiancé. She is bossy and stubborn, ignoring Cutter's order to take the stairs in episode 2.2. In episode 3.8, he stole Abby's anomaly detector and found out she worked in a dangerous place and while playing around in a sports car, he went through the anomaly. Known For Ghostbusters Janine Melnitz (1984) Toy Story 4 Bo Peep (2019) Pretty in Pink Iona (1986) Known For … Helen refusing to divulge information into why the anomalies form, to the Home Office, places her as the focus of attention in series 1's storyline. [8] While his exact role and position in the government is unclear, he has free run of Whitehall and command of intelligence and security forces. See all photos. Leek takes her and the rest of the team hostage. [1] This has terrible consequences later when the government found out. [9] Also, her crush on Stephen, and their closeness because of it, seems to have completely disappeared in the second season. In episode 3.4, Mick gave her an anomaly detector and they followed it. | Mansfield himself stated that Becker would have "amiable friction" with Connor Temple (Andrew-Lee Potts) and he sees himself as the person who "looks after" the team. In episode 2.2, Abby is quietly jealous of Caroline who Connor seems to have a relationship with. He then agreed to work for Philip, but only in his spare time. In episode 4.7, he became worried after figuring out two anomalies had opened on the same spot, and began to look into the ARC's anomaly data, discovering they were going to continue multiplying. The team did not find him in time to save him which resulted in his death with his last words being "I'm a hero."[2]. He reported Helen's death to a pleased Lester, and was suspicious of Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig) when they met, having found a document on Helen's body with Philip's name on it. Get out of my sight!"

Actress | Producer | Soundtrack . At the end of the episode, he convinces Emily to return to 1867 so that he can focus on stopping "the event". After being chased through an anomaly eight years before the main events of the series were put into motion, she used her disappearance to lead her estranged husband, Cutter to believe she was dead. In episode 5.3, Connor was kept busy by April, and when he caught Abby near his lab she tried to appeal to him by revealing Helen and Philip's association, though Philip had told him this already (having made him believe Helen had only known of Philip), and was adamant Abby only wanted him away from Philip, creating further tension between them. During their last attempt, Sarah was killed by an unknown creature, though it is implied to be a Future Predator as her cries to Becker are heard over a visual of a Future Predator attacking the car she was probably in. In the latter she is also revealed to be a crack shot, shooting one of Leek's men from afar. In episode 4.3, he is adamant about enforcing the new policy to not allow any expeditions through the anomaly when Matt is missing and finally relents, but blames him when "tree creepers" cause trouble later. View rank on IMDbPro Filmography. Although only 19,[11] Jess displays an outstanding level of organisation and efficiency, providing a stable environment for the team during their missions, and also has a crush on Captain Becker (Ben Mansfield). guru Jenny Lewis (Lucy Brown) "Claudia" after her doppelgänger. When the ARC is attacked by Helen Cutter's (Juliet Aubrey) Cleaner Clones (Tim Faraday) in episode 3.3, she is captured along with Jenny Lewis (Lucy Brown) and James Lester (Ben Miller). Captain Hilary Becker is portrayed by Ben Mansfield. When Cutter was preparing to go back inside the burning ARC to look for Helen in episode 3.3, Jenny asked him not to go and thought it was a mistake, which is reference to what Claudia Brown said the last time Cutter saw her before going through the Permian Anomaly. She loves cats and dogs, but is scared of lizards (possibly all reptiles) much to the shock of Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt). In Series 4, Lester is a subordinate to Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig), whom he dislikes greatly, after the government makes a deal for Burton's company to subsidise the ARC and anomaly research. At the end of the episode Abby explains that Jack is her brother but asks Connor to move out for a couple of days so that Jack can stay with her. She is not happy when she learns Cutter's missing wife Helen (Juliet Aubrey) is alive and that he knew, since she could give them vital information. He eventually moves in with James Lester (Ben Miller) after a short time staying in the ARC. When he caught her near his lab she tried to appeal to him by revealing Helen and Philip's association, though his apparent knowledge made him adamant she only wanted him away from Philip, creating further tension between them. Along with Connor, Sarah, Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt) and Captain Becker (Ben Mansfield) he follows her back to Christine's HQ and witnesses the death of Christine at the hands of a Future Predator. | In episode 3.5 she visits the ARC and attempted to convince Lester to replace the deceased Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) with Captain Wilder (Alex McSweeney) so that she could control the ARC team, and blamed Lester when one of her men was killed by a fungus creature. Anne Hampton Potts As an answer to Cutter's questioning on the subject of his employer, following this, he dies. Mercury in Retrograde: Celebrity Psychic Reveals What It Means & How It'll Affect Pop Culture, 13 October 2020 In episode 5.5, he attempted to slow down Philip on the way to "New Dawn", but when a Kaprosuchus attacked Philip refused to believe Connor's claims that "New Dawn" would destroy the world and was left behind. The clones re-appear in Series 3 and make an appearance at the conclusion of episode 3.1. [on daughter Apple's accent] She says "Mummy" instead of "Mommy", I don't mind that. In episode 3.4, Sarah works with Connor on cleaning up the "artifact" that Cutter took from Helen and finds out that it contains a map of the matrix of anomalies that Cutter had created at the beginning of the series. In episode 4.5 Ethan took her to a cemetery and left her tied and gagged in a coffin, until she was rescued by Matt. [15] She then leaves and does not return to the series. Later though in Series 4 of Primeval an anomaly opens in a mansion where Jenny and her fiancé are to be wed. Despite feeling betrayed by Helen, Stephen showed anger towards Cutter as well believing that he was wrong on how he dealt with the Anomaly crisis. Cutter rejects this, insisting that Helen has no right to meddle. In episode 5.1, Philip shows him his machine called "New Dawn", from which he hopes to take energy from anomalies and turn it into green energy, and assigned Connor an assistant named April Leonard (Janice Byrne) when he agreed to help. He is an ex-soldier and a zoologist, and can understand animal behaviour, demonstrating this ability in his first appearance by securing the escaped Dracorex inside of James Lester's (Ben Miller) office by luring it with a water dispenser, as the dinosaur was thirsty.

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