Claire and Highlanders are sent north after the Jacobite leaders decided to halt their march on London.

They're five days from reaching London, and the generals want them to turn back.

Like Prince Humperdinck of The Princess Bride, Jamie always thinks everything could be a trap — which is why he’s still alive — so he and Murtagh do fine without advance warning. Now, given that Jamie is a wanted man who probably shouldn’t be seen by anyone in the King’s army, Dougal is the one left to a carry a swooning Claire out to the waiting troops. Turns out he owed a debt to the Comte St. Germain and, to pay it off, he assumed the task of executing St. Germain’s revenge on Claire.

Jamie and Murtagh get Claire’s message from Monroe, and manage to decipher her whereabouts from her broken Gaelic. The latest trailer for His Dark Materials season 2 teases the all new dangerous adventure that awaits Lyra after she follows her father across the bridge to a whole new world– watch it below! Good morning Sassenach. “If we turn back now all hope that currently resides in the hearts of our supporters will be full of doubt and fear,” he tells the assembled.

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After Claire finishes writing a note to Jamie to be delivered to the beggar, Mary appears. That happenstance comes in handy the following day when Claire learns she is being taken to Belmont — not Hazelmere like they’d predicted.

Murtagh, having blamed himself for the attack, takes it upon himself to kill the Duke, right here, right now. Francesco Rosi's tale of peasant life in a remote part of fascist Italy challenges the notion of the State and the individual's role in and duty to its preservation.

She doesn't get far before she finds Sandringham eating a meal in the kitchen. Country singer-songwriter Rachel Brooke reflects on life in a small town where winters are long and comforts can be few in "The Lovells Stockade Blues". Dougal emerges from the church to strike a bargain with the English, telling them that the hostage’s name is Mistress Beecham.

Our heroes escape into the night, one step closer to justice.

Regardless, he offers Claire a special pledge — he’ll get her home safe no matter what happens. Good morning Sassenach. ‘Aladdin’ 2019 vs 1992: Who sang it better?

The next morning, an officer informs her that she’s to be taken to Belmont.

“You, you put them up to it -— your own goddaughter,” says Claire, disgusted. As Mary is listening to everything, she picks up a knife and stabs the dude who raped her. When she arrives at Belmont, Claire gets the shock of a lifetime when the house she’s escorted to is inhabited by none other than the Duke of Sandringham. Murtagh walks over to Mary and Claire with the head and says, "I kept my word, I lay my vengeance at your feet.".

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On the door they enter, there are wanted posters all over it of her gang. To be fair, I will miss the strange little man's quips.

Claire is not particularly grateful, in part because she’s horrified and in part because the Duke also admits he warned the English guards to expect a sneak attack from Red Jamie. S2, Ep1. She notes that she has a severe shortage of breadcrumbs. This episode found Prince Charles (Andrew Gower) at a crossroads: wanting to move farther into England or turn back for safety. He's intent on going with Claire when Jamie rescues her.

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