Stonewall Movie // Whitewashing in the Media Recently a trailer has been released for the new upcoming film, “ Stonewall,” that will be released in September. Hey, Hollywood! On a hot summer night, when the cops raid the Stonewall for the second time in less than a week, Danny and his friends throw bricks, smash windows, scare the hell out of the police who are trapped inside the bar, and start the revolution. The petition accused Emmerich of "whitewashing" history. Get Bitch Media's top 9 reads of the week delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning! There's no doubt that Johnson, who died in 1992, was a major actor in the riots, as Emmerich shows her to be. It feels like Emmerich couldn't help but make his Stonewall a mashup of My Own Private Idaho and Independence Day. But "Stonewall's" focus is unclear: Is it about the hardships of homeless teens or, as the title would suggest, about the historic riots? As I mentioned earlier, the smaller personal story within Stonewall was, at times, quite powerful. The true case for the riots is made in a thousand small ways throughout the film: police brutality toward LGBTQ people, social marginalization, lack of financial opportunity, transphobia, etcetera. Jonny Beauchamp and Vladimir Alexis play Danny's friends Ray and Cong in. Danny's trauma radicalizes him, inspiring him to throw the “first brick” that ignites the riot. His secret exposed, Danny's parents, his community, and his lover all close ranks on him in terrifying haste. by Leela Ginelle. @the_moviebob, — Megan Kearns (@OpinionessWorld) August 5, 2015. They're shown rioting no less ferociously than Danny, though Emmerich has Danny throw the first brick that starts the riots. Many of these characters are people of color, and, while gender is never brought up in the script, several appear to be either trans or gender variant. Emotional moments, particularly those involving Danny's mentor/protector Ray (played by the excellent Jonny Beauchamp), balloon into melodrama. Emmerich has claimed that he wanted to make the film after he discovered that 40% of all homeless teens are LGBT. This telling of the event is ludicrous. Most prominent in the photo is a boy as blond as the fictional Danny Winters. It got almost 25,000 signers before anyone saw the film. View more opinion at CNN.
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