Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once the film was shot, Paramount expressed interested in distributing the movie. Mr. Hammond is the chaperone and Alex is the DJ for the disco music. The children all flee, believing no one's seen what happened. good lord, who choreographed that dance scene? But someone else was there that day - watching, and now, that someone is ready to exact murderous revenge on prom night. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Alex - Dies from a head wound inflicted by an axe (Killed by Kim)


While changing clothes after gym class, Kim and Kelly discover the locker room's mirror severely cracked. Gives me Carrie vibes, though not as perfect as Carrie imo. It's not the best, but it's got enough wholesome cheesiness to pass the time.
Slick brawls with the killer while driving the van. The killer enters, looks around and leaves without finding her. Asshole Victim: He tried to ruin the prom alongside Wendy and paid the price. Eventually, Robin falls through a broken window and falls to her death, plummeting onto panes of construction glass. However, instead of being kind to her. Despite how he politely tries to get her to stop. Produced By Apparently the group were oblivious as to the fact that they had cornered Robin too close to a broken window. Shortly after her arrival, anyone with sinister or less than honorable intentions gets their comeuppance.

It did not go away." The film ends with Kim cradling Alex's body in her arms as Nick looks on and the credits roll. Best Achievement in Film Editing - Brian Ravok, Best Performance by a Foreign Actress - Jamie Lee Curtis. Although it was an accident, the children make a pact not to tell anyone what happened, and a known rapist is blamed for her death. Wendy stayed closest to Nick McBride for a time, as a couple. Mark J. Popp . While Robin insist to go and play with them, the others aren't interested. Produced By The foursome keep secret of how they taunted Robin - backed her into a corner until, frightened, she stood on a window ledge - and fell to her death. (1987). St. James Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Lou - Decapitated with an axe8. This year Prom Night will be a scream

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. repeatedly at her. Wendy is in the bathroom, fixing her make-up after having a mild fight with her prom date, Lou. Four students ditch their high school prom for a party at a summer home, unaware that a psychotic priest is on the loose, determined to punish sinners. Wendy is a typical, self-centered, spoiled, popular, rich brat. And the Disco. Robin - Falls from a window2.

Since the incident, Wendy became seventeen-years-old, Wendy and the group have apparently drifted.

Great" I thought. If anything, she's become Kim's rival and hoped to become Prom Queen next to Nick, just to infuriate Kim.

Prom Night is a 1980 Canadian slasher horror film directed by Paul Lynch, based on a story by Robert Guza, Jr., and starring Leslie Nielsen and Jamie Lee Curtis. These are not as cool as they sound, but will still bring a smile to your face. However, they only wanted to open it in 300 theaters whereas Avco Embassy Pictures, who ultimately released Prom Night, offered to release it in 1200 theaters.

Edit. In order to join a sorority, three friends go to a hazing party in an old house where a sadistic bloodthirsty demonic spirit is lying in wait. The killer is walking down the corridor. Drew leaves, angry and annoyed. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Kim and her boyfriend Nick decide to go to the prom together while Jude is asked by an easygoing marijuana smoker named Seymour "Slick" Crane.

There's a hilarious line from the priest during a funeral, when he comments that the death should remind everyone of violence seen every day in life, on TV, and in films.

The killer escapes from the van as it tumbles off a cliff and explodes, killing Slick. Jude and Slick have sex and smoke pot in a van outside of the school while being watched by Kelly's killer, who then kills Jude. Then Wendy and Lou are suppose to walk up instead of them, taking their crowns. They're playing caught the attention of the Hammond children, Kim and her twin siblings, Alex and younger twin sister Robin. Not many scares but some good old fashioned 80s special effects. Lyon continued to appear in television throughout the 1990s, including providing the voice of Queen Serenity in the animated series Sailor Moon (1995). Some of the music used in the film was used in Canadian horror productions that Paul Zaza scored as well, 1981's Ghostkeeper and 1983's Curtains.

That night, Lou picks up Wendy to take her to the prom. In 1974, four children: Wendy Richards, Nick McBride, Kelly Lynch, and Jude Cunningham, caused the death of their classmate Robin Hammond when their bullying caused her to fall out the window.
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