A new documentary about Wrinkles the Clown is releasing in select theaters and on Demand on October 4, with a trailer already getting a lot of attention. Also Wrinkles the clown has a twitter profile @yaboiwrinkles. Here’s an interview he had with NBC 2 back in 2015: Have you seen this clown around Southwest Florida?People are spotting Wrinkles all over Southwest Florida. In fact, the viral Wrinkles sightings videos were made by Wrinkles and his friends.

Is He Real?

Wrinkles said in anonymous interviews in 2015 that he was 65, a military veteran, and originally from Rhode Island. He kept his identity well hidden. https://plus.google.com/u/0/111472735&hellip, Wrinkles confirmed with The Washington Post, WATCH: Man with TV on Head Leaves CRT TVs on Porches in Virginia. Instead, the retiree, who had always been fascinated by the clowning lifestyle, purchased an outfit and a mask and began marketing himself as Wrinkles the Clown. Top Clues Wrinkles the Clown’s Phone Number Is Still Active & His Voicemails Get Overwhelming Sometimes. Is Wrinkles the Clown real? the message reportedly changed a few times, the number appeared with some new context, as some YouTube videos featuring the phone number. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You can still watch it on the.

Although authorities have dispelled the rumors, the warnings have gone viral on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter. “I’ve been thinking about taking the show on the road…”. In fact, he made that story up for the local news and then it snowballed from there. Although authorities have confirmed that a majority of the reports are unfounded, the number of killer clown sightings have steadily increased over the last two months. But was this mysterious Wrinkles the Clown actually real? Daily News reported that one of the Wrinkles video clips was filmed in front of Longchamps’ duplex.

Here are some photos of Wrinkles that we saw in the movie.

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This post has major spoilers for the documentary and a big plot twist. I’ve had enough psycho women in my life already. Michael Beach Nichols, the filmmaker for the new documentary, said the number’s active and Wrinkles listens to it. He wasn’t interested in the boring life of retirees, he said, so he ordered a clown mask, made business cards, and started his gig. READ NEXT: WATCH: Man with TV on Head Leaves CRT TVs on Porches in Virginia, Wrinkles the Clown Today: Who Is He? Wrinkles The Clown – Official TrailerFollow on Facebook: https://facebook.com/wrinklestheclown In late 2014, a low-res video of a person in a clown mask emerging from underneath a sleeping child's bed appears on YouTube.

Wrinkles did not want to reveal his identity because of all the death threats he’s gotten through voicemail.

One of the first times many people heard about Wrinkles the Clown was in 2014 when a set of parents in Florida paid him to hide under their misbehaving daughter’s bed and scare her. If it’s for a children’s behavioral stunt, the price might be more. He told GQ that he had been working the scary clown circuit for four years by 2016 and his business really took off thanks to fliers starting to appear on Instagram. Here are the latest updates as the documentary nears. He said he had retired a few years earlier after having a lot of different jobs. In one instance, he simply stood on the sidewalk staring at his 12-year-old target while he was waiting for a bus. This is what we know so far. 2018-07-21T00:11:18.000Z.

Wrinkles The Clown crashes game nightDad hires Wrinkles The Clown to scare the crap out of his kids.2018-06-08T19:09:39.000Z, Wrinkles Steals Kids BalloonsHome security footage submitted by an East Naples Man (who asked to remain anonymous) shows Wrinkles The Clown stealing balloons that were tied to his mailbox. "I got a call from my neighbor while we were out getting some last minute gifts for my daughters birthday party. Log in. Your email address will not be published. Wrinkles the Clown. Powered by. Young ones, too, like weird goths with chains and stuff. That’s why I’m divorced.”, He told NBC 2: “I just want to have fun… Have a good time, make a little extra money on the side. They said he agreed to let them follow him on and off the clock and see who he was “out of the mask.” Wrinkles confirmed with The Washington Post in a text message that he was working with Anomalous Films. They have no idea how he got in or out of the house without setting off the alarm and…2014-11-08T18:00:09.000Z. The video went viral. The phone number is 407-734-0254. He said: ‘As long as nobody is getting hurt, what’s wrong with some kids dressing up and scaring their friends? Although he describes himself as “a good old-fashioned clown,” Wrinkles said he is not interested in making “stupid little balloon animals.” Instead, the “killer clown” prefers scaring children. You can still watch it on the HvUSeen Wrinkles YouTube channel or in the embed below. The craze has also inspired vigilantes to form groups of clown hunters, citizens who have vowed to protect the general public from the so-called killer clowns. The ... Stickers bearing Wrinkles' face and phone number begin appearing all over Florida and thousands of people begin calling it for various reasons, from parents wanting to hire Wrinkles to people making death threats. … Everyone needs to relax, for Christ’s sake.”.

He said he also gets weird offers which he always declines. But his identity is still ultimately a mystery.

She told me that there was some clown…2015-06-20T21:45:44.000Z. For a “few hundred bucks cash,” Wrinkles the Clown is willing to appear at social events, deliver creepy telegrams, and frighten children who misbehave. Some clown hunters have claimed people dressed as clowns are planning a purge night on October 30.

Naples Daily News reported in 2016 that Wrinkles became more popular thanks to marketing efforts by Cary Longchamps, the Naples filmmaker who wanted to make the original documentary.

Wrinkles the Clown had photos and flyers all over southwest Florida (mostly Naples and Ft. Myers), with a phone number that people could call if they wanted to hire him to scare their misbehaving children. The mom said that whenever her son misbehaves she now asks him: “Do you want Wrinkles to come back?”. But we could deduce from the movie that he’s pretty tech-savvy. Dad hires Wrinkles The Clown to scare the crap out of his kids.

#WrinklesTheClown pic.twitter.com/mHgzy8GSRl. The character even has his own “killer clown” phone number. The phone number actually still works today, Tampa Bay Times reported in September 2019. Despite Wrinkles the Clown’s interviews and stories about his past, some still think he was a publicity stunt. Although he did not reveal his actual name, Wrinkles was open to discussing his life — and his decision to reinvent himself as a so-called “killer clown.”. Those who are interested in booking the creepy clown’s services are encouraged to leave a voice mail. Callers who dial the so-called killer clown phone number, which is 407-734-0256, are greeted with a vaguely sinister message from Wrinkles the Clown. And how much of it is really true? His videos are going viral online, including a video of him lurking in a little girl's room. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube. ‘Dangerous Games To Play In The Dark’ Is Now Available From Chronicle Books! The last section of this story was updated with spoilers from the movie, and the rest remains the same. During the event, which was named for the Purge movie series, killer clowns will reportedly wreck havoc on communities, and may become violent. His videos are going viral online, including a video of him lurking in a little girl's room.2015-11-01T15:53:54.000Z, In 2015, he was getting hundreds of calls a day.

For a “few hundred bucks cash,” Wrinkles the Clown is willing to appear at social events, deliver creepy telegrams, and frighten children who misbehave. YouTube

And Wrinkles still listens to as many voicemails as he can get through, but it’s overwhelming.”, Wrinkles the Clown (or someone claiming to be Wrinkles) had an interview with The Washington Post in November 2015 and claimed that he would make an appearance at a party or a gathering or prank a friend for a “few hundred bucks cash.”, Wrinkles told The Washington Post that he was also hired to scare someone’s 12-year-old son by just standing across the street while he was at a bus stop. A “killer clown” phone number is available to anyone who is interested in hiring a scary clown. He told Tampa Bay Times: “It’s still active. As it turns out, a plot twist halfway through the documentary revealed that Wrinkles is not a 65-year-old divorced veteran. Here’s a video of Wrinkles the Clown from June 2018. He also says that he never hired himself out to frighten children, though the calls to his phone number are real.

Wrinkles the Clown is willing to terrorize anyone — for a price. Although Wrinkles the Clown is still accepting messages through his so-called killer clown phone number, his services are usually booked up to three months ahead. News.com.au reports that the creepy clown said he did not even speak to the boy. That was a story he also made up. The 65-year-old military veteran said he retired in Florida in order to avoid the harsh New England winters. The video went viral. People are spotting Wrinkles all over Southwest Florida.

When did we last hear about the creepy clown from Florida? That November he was already booked through January. His wrinkly, white face mask is devoid of eyes. Wrinkles the Clown is a 2019 American documentary comedy horror film directed by Michael Beach Nichols. A story in Inquisitr from 2016 also mentions the same phone number. According to the homeowner, the little girl was not harmed but the camera was broken. The creepy clown is usually seen wearing a red-and-white polka dot outfit, black rubber boots, and black gloves.

However, Wrinkles the Clown said he wants to “bring scary back.” Although he has not commented on the current killer clown craze, he is encouraging fans, and potential customers, to contact him at his so-called killer clown phone number. He ran the YouTube channel dedicated to posting sightings of Wrinkles. … Have a little fun before I die.”, In August 2016, Wrinkles spoke to GQ while all those creepy clown sightings were happening nationwide. Have you seen this clown around Southwest Florida? Now that the documentary has been released, we know a lot more about Wrinkles the Clown, although we still don’t know his identity. He added that he was divorced and has no family in Florida. Wrinkles the Clown (or someone claiming to be Wrinkles) had an …

However, he is notorious for frightening children who misbehave. Unlike traditional party clowns, Wrinkles’ appearance is not entirely friendly.

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