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Since 1995, Our Company has provided our community Title 5 inspection to hundreds of satisfied clients in Western Massachusetts. If you need a Title V inspection, Our professional inspectors are here and are ready to help you with your inspection.

In support of our local and state law enforcement, we are offering a special 10% discount for all local and state law enforcement. 

Title 5 Inspection of a conventional septic systemPriding ourselves in maintaining a neat and clean worksite, we hand dig most of our title 5 septic system inspections, saving your wallet – and keeping your lawn healthy – by eliminating the additional costs that our competitors charge for job site clean up and minimizing the impact to your property’s landscape.

If your home is being serviced by a septic system, it is extremely important to get your Title 5 certification completed. The last thing you want to deal with is an issue with your septic system. The cost of a new title 5 compliant septic system can be quite expensive depending on your soil, water table and whether ledge is encountered. 

Choosing the right inspector

We urge all our customers and non customers to choose their inspectors wisely. The best thing you can do to ensure you are getting a qualified professional to inspect your system is check out his or her credentials. You can see our credentials here.

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Septic System Inspection

Our primary service is providing Title 5 Inspection (Septic System Inspections) for homeowners preparing to sell their homes. We also will provide voluntary inspection services for homeowners to determine the condition of their septic system.

Title 5 Septic System Inspections Services

Title 5 Inspection Service

Other Services: Title 5 Inspection Service can determine the need for septic tank pumping and perform minor septic system repairs to ensure compliance. While we do not install new septic systems, we will be happy to recommend trustworthy, reliable contractors that will do remedial work.

We have both Certified System Inspectors and Certified Soil Evaluators on staff.

What is  a Title 5 Inspection?

When buying or selling a home, an inspection of the septic system is likely to be involved. This inspection that must be performed is known as a Title 5 Inspection. This is when an inspector will come to the property and make sure your septic system is at its best. The inspector will check for potential hazards of wastewater to the surrounding community as well as make sure the original system was properly built and maintained. This protects the seller from issues the buyer can come back with later and the buyer from a costly repair after moving into their new home.

Why do I need a Title 5 Inspection?

Many homeowners may not be aware of it, but the state has a septic system law which specifies that those who do not have a public sewer connection must have an inspection when selling a home. You might wonder the reason behind such a law, but looking into septic systems and repair costs may make it clearer.
At a minimum, a new septic system installation could cost $10,000. Repairs can be just as pricey. This means that a failed septic system would be a large burden on someone who had just purchased a home. Finding any problems sooner rather than later can make sure that both the seller and buyer avoid even larger issues, monetarily or otherwise, in the future.

What to expect from a Title 5 Inspection

Adding a Title 5 inspection to your to-do list when selling a home can be overwhelming. It may help to know what to expect when our inspector comes to your home.
The first step in the process is what you need to do to make the process go smoother. Be sure to gather water records for the last 24 months, drawings of your septic system components and location, and pumping records. Be sure not to pump for at least two weeks prior to your scheduled inspection.
On the day of the inspection, you can expect us to:
  • Use the drawings you give us to locate your septic system
  • Dig to inspect necessary components in your septic system
  • Make updated notes of locations, depths, and conditions of components
  • Take photographs
  • Backfill and clean up after our work
  • Write an official report with a copy going to you
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