Why Choose Title 5 Inspection Service

Selling your home might be one of the biggest and most stressful decisions you make in your life. There is often much more to do than you realize, and you can get so caught up that you forget things. On top of trying to get buyers and packing for your own move, there are laws you have to learn and abide by, including many inspections. Let us take a little of that load off of you.

Why chose us title 5 inspectionMassachusetts state law requires that you have Title 5 Inspection of your septic system before you can close on the sale of your property. You will need an experienced company who can navigate the complicated process for you with little damage to your yard. We are licensed Title 5 inspectors, and we can get this done for you with little to no hassle. In fact, not only can we get this done quickly and efficiently, but we can also say we are a company you can trust.

We are an independent inspection company. This means that we are not a pumper, installer, or even licensed for repairs in any way. There is no conflict of interest in what we do. We provide 100% honest inspections of your septic system. We are not looking for money out of possible unnecessary repairs or replacements of your septic system.

Title 5 Inspection Service also has all of the best and latest equipment available to us in order to perform inspections on even the deepest of systems. This means we can perform the inspection without too much damage to your lawn, by cutting out, and carefully removing the sods, putting the dirt on tarps, we can fill in and clean up after we are finished, so you can’t even tell we were there.

Do you have any questions, or are you ready to hire us for an inspection? Contact us today to speak with a professional.