Title 5 Inspection Pricing & Payments

Our primary service is providing Title 5 Inspection (Septic System Inspections) for homeowners preparing to sell their homes in Massachusetts. We are providing you with a list of our competitive prices below. Please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at (413) 262-5884 with additional questions.

Title 5 Inspection: $600 Locally (Minimum flat fee)*
Outside local area additional fees may apply.

  • PERC Test & Plan Fee: $1850-$2250 (Typically around this much)**

*If more than one septic system is serving your facility, additional fees may apply. We will also alert you if your septic tank needs to be pumped, but it is not required for your Title 5 Inspection.

**Please bare in mind that prices are site specific and dependent on the amount of labour going into the place. For example:  What are the Town fee’s? Are there town meetings involved to attend, or is there delineation involved requiring an environmental engineer?

No conflict of interest

We do not install

We do not pump

We simply inspect and do our very best to ensure your system passes

Have questions about our pricing? Reach out to Title 5 Inspection Service.